Insurance Review 4/2016

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Risk culture and the factors of its formation – Adam Śliwiński, Liuba Klapkiv
Financial and insurance literacy in Poland – Marcin Kawiński, Piotr Majewski
Looking for reasons of insurance cover gap in SME’s activity – Romuald Holly, Katarzyna Kędzior
Self-insurance as a formula for risk management – a new perspective – Romuald Holly, Ernie Greszta
Mutual insurance companies on the Polish insurance market – the current situation, opportunities not taken and perspectives for development (selected issues) – Marietta Janowicz-Lomott
Insurance transparency and protection regime under the Insurance Distribution Directive – Katarzyna Malinowska
The Polish Financial Supervision Authority’s power to order the sale of shares in a domestic insurance company within a prescribed period – a few remarks and practical insights – Paweł Wajda
Provision of legal services in Poland – free legal aid and legal expenses insurance as selected objects of the recent regulation – Szymon Szmak Usage-Based Insurance: the concept and study of available analyses – Łukasz Kuryłowicz
Czech Private Pension System: A Review – Jaroslav Vostatek

Practical problems associated with the implementation of Solvency II and the new Insurance and Reinsurance Activity Act on the example of the Article 172 of this act – Jerzy Oppeln-Bronikowski