an insurer’s employee responsible for the individual risk assessment and the determination of insurance premiums corresponding to the peril covered by the insurer. Underwriters work for large medium and non-standards risks, where, apart from the actuarial determination of rates, individual assessment is usually required.


insurance in a situation when the insurance sum is lower than the value of the insured property; the most unfavorable situation for the customer because in case of a serious injury, especially damage of the whole property, the insurer will cover only part of it up to a maximum insurance sum.


It is a life insurance contract with the insurance capital funds, where the insured unit invests premiums in one or more investment funds offered by the insurer. Funds available to customers may vary in terms of the level of investment risk – from safe, through balanced and ending with aggressive ones – as well as in terms of the branch or the place of investment like real estate or stock markets abroad. The current value of the investment depends on the customer’s current market, branch conditions and the current valuation of the assets of the fund. Unit-linked contract is a good form of a long term (e.g. pension) investment capital.