a commission received by an insurance broker from insurer for concluding an insurance agreement or for contributing thereto; in some cases courtage is also regarded as the broker’s remuneration for his participation in the management and realization of insurance agreements.

Confidentiality of Insurance

the legal prohibition of disclosing any information by the insurer on the individual contract of insurance. The confidentiality of insurance covers both the insurer and all its employees.

Combined ratio

composite index, or damage – cost – shows the ratio of benefits paid by the insurer and the costs incurred by him for insurance premiums harvested. CR less than 100 percent means that the insurer earns on core business, and more than 100 percent that it loses.


in reinsurance- the insurer which transfers the risk, the reinsured.

Call centre

the place where, according to insurance conditions, the aid is ensured to the client in case of an accident; call centre usually provides the client with the necessary information by phone or, at the client’s request, organizes the necessary aid; vehicle towing or repair and organization of medical treatment abroad belong to the most popular services provided by call centre.


insurance of goods in transport. In domestic transport a cargo insurance policy protects your interests, and usually is the responsibility of the owner of the goods while in the international transports cargo protects the interests of the owner of the goods, and gestia insurance shall be determined by agreement between the parties, usually by choosing the Incoterms.

Consumption of the insurance sum

is an insurance system used mainly in motor and fire insurance, where, after payment of compensation, the sum of insurance is reduced by the amount of compensation payment. There is a possibility of extra insurance for an additional charge an additional premium.

Claims Representative

insurer’s representative on the area where the insurer does not usually run its business. Under the Polish circumstances, it is an insurer’s representative abroad. Claims representative is responsible for the preliminary steps of loss adjustment procedure or the loss adjustment in the case the event occurred abroad, e.g. within cargo or autocasco cover.

Coverage ratio of technical reserves assets

Statutory indicator of whether the insurer has assets to cover its current and future obligations to policyholders, beneficiaries and victims; value of the ratio should not exceed 100 percent.

Contribution rate

expressed in promils or in percentage of the insurance sum. Rates may also be expressed in amount.