Office of PIU

The Office of the Polish Chamber of Insurance is a specific competence center of insurance management. It organizes the work of the committees, carries out projects supporting the legislative process and supervises the work with the market and other institutions.

Contact with us

    Office of PIU

    Polish Chamber of Insurance

    ul. Twarda 18

    00-105 Warszawa

    tel: +48 22 42 05 105

    Marketing & PR

    Marketing, Coordinator of the PIU Congress

    Piotr Leśniak

    Tel. 22 420 51 22


    Agnieszka Durska

    Tel. 22 420 51 34


    The Polish Chamber of Insurance does not contact any policyholders or claimants directly. It does not offer to anyone any insurance product sales or consultancy services regarding specific insurance policies or investment projects. In addition, it does not have any data concerning customers of insurance companies. Any attempt at acting as a PIU representative to sell an insurance service or another product constitutes a misuse. In such situations, we ask for caution and notifying PIU.