Mutual Insurance Society

a legal form of conducting insurer’s activity – on the basis of mutuality between insured members of TUW and on the non-profit basis; apart from the aim of the operation, generally the same financial requirements apply to it as to insurance companies operating in the form of a joint stock company.


an insurance product from autocasco insurance group with a limited scope of cover as compared to full autocasco cover; limitations, depending on the insurer, may be introduced in respect to the scope of cover, way of loss, adjustment and settlement or the lack of cover in case of partial losses.

Minimum guarantee sum

it is a minimum guarantee sum in compulsory insurance which allows the requirements imposed by such compulsory insurance to be complied with.


an insurance agent offering more than one insurer’s products from one department of insurance (ie life insurance and other personal insurance and property insurance).

Monthly Insurance

Civil Code defines a month as 30 consecutive days. Interpretations of the insurers may be different


event by which the insured lost his health or life. It must be a sudden event, independent of the will of the insured and caused by external cause