Information – list of the organizations verified by the Polish governmental websites through which assistance may be provided to the citizens of Ukraine

Information – list of the organizations verified by the Polish governmental websites through which assistance may be provided to the citizens of Ukraine

Dear Sirs,

The list of the verified organizations providing aid can be found on the government website:

The website is continuously updated. Both donors and people in need can sign up through this service. The website is available in Polish, Ukrainian and English (the full list of supporting organizations is available only in Polish). Financial, material and voluntary support is provided through the website. Collection activities for aid for the citizens of Ukraine are conducted by:

  1. SOS Children’s Villages Association in Poland

This organization is recommended by the Polish Insurance Chamber. The organization collects the funds for abandoned children and foster families in Ukraine. The organization is widely known, has a documented history as well as has a long-term plan to help children from Ukraine by:

  • helping to bring them to Poland and organise a place to stay and care for them;
  • providing them with education;
  • organising their return to Ukraine once the invasion is over and organising help for them in Ukraine.

  1. Polish Humanitarian Action

Collection for direct aid (food and other forms of support) for people who are forced to flee their homes. Support will include both people remaining in Ukraine and refugees in Poland

  1. Polish Red Cross

The funds will be used primarily to purchase food, bandage materials and to secure other priority needs.


Funds will support children with safe shelters, psychological support, medical care, clean water and hygiene supplies.

  1. Caritas Poland

The collected funds will be used to purchase for goods of basic necessity and psychological support for war victims.

  1. National Bank of Ukraine – collection for the Ukrainian army

Collection of money to finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the purchase of necessary equipment (transfer details in the link below).

  1. Medical Battalion “Hospitalieri – collection for medical assistance for soldiers

The collection is conducted by the Medical Battalion “Hospitalieri”. The money will be spend on medical activities carried out on the frontline in Ukraine.

  1. Ukraine Foundation

The collected money will be used to support Ukraine and the needs of refugees from Ukraine.

  1. Our Choice Foundation

The collected funds will be transferred to Ukrainian organizations dealing with humanitarian aid. The people working there know best what support Ukrainians need in these difficult times.

  1. Little Big Man Foundation

All funds will be spend on purchasing clothing, pampers, food, blankets, bottles, modified milk and other necessary products required for children protections. Donations will be transferred to the City of Lodz and transported directly to Ukraine.

  1. Polish Centre for International Aid

Aid is directed to the inhabitants of villages and towns in eastern Ukraine. Our partner works directly on the spot. The first packages of humanitarian aid and psychological support have already reached people in areas affected by shelling.

  1. Polish Centre for International Aid on Allegro

Donations will be used for humanitarian aid, evacuation of the Ukrainian population and psychological support for children.

  1. Polish Medical Mission

Collection for medical aid in Ukraine.

We will be grateful for the financial support of any of the above organizations and for any financial, volunteer or in-kind help for the citizens of Ukraine.