9th Bancassurance Congress

On 5-6 October 2017, hotel Narvil in Serock hosted the 9th Bancassurance Congress. The main topic of the Congress was the challenges faced by the insurance and banking community due to pro-consumer changes taking place on the bancassurance market. The Congress was organised by the Polish Insurance Association in cooperation with the Polish Bank Association.
The Bancassurance Conference is addressed to employees of insurance companies, banks, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, the Ministry of Finance, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Polish Insurance Ombudsman and to trade press representatives.


Presentations from the congress:

  1. Norbert Jeziolowicz – Survey of the bancassurance market
  2. Agnieszka Gocałek – Polish bancassurance market 2017Q2
  3. Piotr Pastuszka – IDD – How not only to comply with the regulation but derive business benefits from better adjustment of the product range
  4. Marek Pilc – Challenges and opportunities in the insurance distribution process
  5. Maciej Meder – Bancassurance in light of regulatory and other challenges – introduction to a debate
  6. Marcin Tarczyński – Results of diagnosis of the reputation of the insurance industry


Photos from the congress: