PIU helps firemen

The Polish Insurance Association gave money to five firefighting schools of the State Fire Service to purchase specialist pumps with fixtures. Such devices are necessary to provide help in areas affected by floods.

The decision to give money to the schools of the State Fire Service to buy equipment was taken in 2010. After the tragic events which, in the period between June and September 2010, affected several hundred people, the Board of PIU asked the authorities of the State Fire Service to specify the equipment which would be most suitable in counteracting flood effects.

We wanted an opinion of professionals who fight the effects of natural disasters on a daily basis. Thanks to this we have a guarantee that the money PIU gave has really been used to buy necessary and modern equipment. What I want most is for the equipment to remain unnecessary. Unfortunately, recent years have shown that natural disasters will be more and more frequent in Poland – says Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, the President of the Board of PIU.

The new pumps along with fixtures were given to the schools of the State Fire Service in Warszawa, Kraków, Poznań, Bydgoszcz, and Częstochowa.

Thanks to the financial resources given as part of the donation by PIU it was possible to buy WT 30X Honda motor-driven pumps as well as Niagara swimming motor-driven pumps. Due to their parameters, the pumps serve to eliminate the effects of floods and inundations, which is why I would like to express my gratitude for supporting the State Fire Service and appreciating its role during activities of such kind and offering help to the people who suffered – says general Wiesław Leśniakiewicz, the Chief of State Fire Service.

The Fire Service College of the State Fire Service in Poznań sends many thanks