More than 1.7 million Poles get additional health insurance

After three quarters of 2016 the number of private health insurance holders increased YoY by 28% and reached 1.76 million. Data of the Polish Insurance Association demonstrate that the gross premium written amounted to PLN 399.1 million.

Most frequently held insurance (more than 1.4 million) comes in the form of group policies, usually purchased by employers or the employees themselves. “In Poland, additional health insurance usually forms part of social benefits. The growing queues to consultants and uncertainties related to ongoing changes in healthcare cause higher interest in private insurance among the customers with an increasing scope,” says Dorota M. Fal, adviser to the Management Board of the Polish Insurance Association for health insurance. “More and more often, PIU receives, through the website, questions from potential customers concerning health insurance including hospital services. There is also increasing interest in drug policies, which secure our spending on medicines against changes related to their reimbursement,” she adds.

Health insurance market after Q3 2016

Individual insurance Group insurance
Q3 2015 Q3 2016 Q3 2015 Q3 2016
Number of insured (thousand) 244.7 350.5 1,137 1,414.3
Gross premium written (PLN million) 50.5 56.6 305.7 342.4