Uniqa declared the winner of the PIU Cup 2010

The excellent and exciting six-a-side indoor football tournament, the PIU Cup 2010, was won by the Uniqa team. In the final match, the winner team defeated Warta 7:3. In the 3rd place playoff, Axa Direct proved to be better than the Liberty Direct team, but only after the penalty shootout. Krzysztof Kuchciak of Uniqa team was declared the top scorer, while Guy Cauters (Warta team) was declared the best goalkeeper. 17 teams took part in the tournament.

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It was the second tournament for insurance companies. The first edition of the tournament took place last year, met with great interest and received good reviews. This year’s edition was welcomed even more enthusiastically and gathered more teams and supporters (families of the players as well as their colleagues).

The teams were divided into 4 groups. The division was: Group A: Generali, Compensa, Liberty Direct and ING; Group B: Amplico Life, TUW TUZ, Gras Savoye and Aviva; Group C : Axa, Uniqa, Rzecznik Ubezpieczonych and KUKE; Group D: Link 4, BRE Ubezpieczenia, PTU, Warta and Ergo Hestia.

During the cup stage, the results of each time proved to be very even, that is why it was hard to choose the best team in the whole tournament. Four matches, including the 3rd place playoff, had to be concluded by penalty shootouts.

Krzysztof Kuchciak, a player of the Uniqa team and the biggest star of the tournament, scored 8 goals and received the title of the top scorer. Guy Cartes from Warta was declared the best goalkeeper; thanks to his interventions, his team won the penalty shootout and made it to the semi-final match.

The sport competition was accompanied by a family picnic with barbecue.

We congratulate all the players and supporters for their competitive spirit and support and we invite everyone to the next year’s edition of the tournament.

Complete results of the tournament can be seen below:

Results of the group stage

Group A
1. Liberty Direct – 9 pts., total goals – 11 :4
2. Generali – 6 pts., 9:8
3. Compensa – 3 pts., 5:10
4. ING – 0 pts., 7:10

Group B
1. Aviva – 9 pts., 11:2
2. Amplico Life – 6 pts., 7:9
3. Gras Savoye – 3 pts., 3:7
4. TUW TUZ – 0 pts., 6:9

Group C
1. Uniqa – 9 pts., 12:2
2. Axa Direct – 6 pts., 14:5
3. Biuro Rzecznika Ubezpieczonych – 3 pts., 2:10
4. KUKE – 0 pts., 1:12

Group D
1. Warta – 9 pts., 11:5
2. Ergo Hestia – 9 pts., 19:5
3. Link 4 – 6 pts., 5:5
4. BRE Ubezpieczenia – 6 pts., 8:13
5. PTU – 0 pts., 5:20

Quarter-finals results:
Liberty Direct – Amplico Life 2:1
Uniqa – Ergo Hestia 2:2, penalty shootout 3:2
Aviva – Axa Direct 0:0, penalty shootout 5:6
Warta – Generali 2 :1

Semi-finals results
 Liberty Direct – Uniqa 1:2
 Axa Direct – Warta 1:1, penalty shootout 2:3

3rd place match
 Liberty Direct – Axa Direct 1:1, penalty shootout 8:9

Final match
Uniqa – Warta 7:3

PIU CUP 2010