Insure your most precious treasure

July is the month when the birth rate in Poland is the highest. In July 2015, over 34 thousand children were born. As a comparison, in February slightly over 27 thousand were born. The time of waiting for the most precious treasure is connected with many doctor’s appointments and thinking about the future of a newborn baby. Future parents will find such insurance solutions helpful, allowing them to go through pregnancy and delivery without additional stress and will ensure their kids a head start into adult life.

Insurance for mothers
It is worthwhile to think first of all about a policy, which will ensure appropriate medical care during the time of pregnancy. Most insurance companies use grace periods that may last up to 12 months. It is worthwhile to note that the offer of insurers is much more attractive than the care reimbursed by the National Health Fund (NFZ).
The scope of insurance covers benefits connected with monitoring of pregnancy – unlimited visits to a gynaecologist and diagnostic tests. One should remember that basic policies include only outpatient care. If we want our insurance to cover hospitalisation, we must choose an extended coverage option. Before taking out an insurance policy we should also check whether the physician whom we want to monitor our pregnancy has a medical practice in the facility with which the insurer cooperates. Some insurance companies allow for the possibility of visits to the doctor from outside such a pool, but it may entail additional costs, which are described in the general terms and conditions of insurance (OWU). Insurers also offer “premium” packages. Holders of such a policy may expect comfortable delivery conditions in the advanced standard or post-delivery medical care – says Dorota M. Fal, adviser to the Management Board of the Polish Insurance Association for health insurance. It is also worthwhile to consider policies which, after the child’s birth, extend the coverage scope by medical care of a child.

Dowry insurance
The aim of most parents is to ensure their children a stable and peaceful future. That’s why insurers proposed such products as a dowry policy, otherwise known as child’s maintenance insurance. This insurance is a saving and protection scheme, which is targeted not only to parents, but also to grandparents, godparents and any other persons, who want to ensure a child’s financial security. One must remember that the contract shall be concluded before the child reaches 18 and shall cover the period from 5 to a maximum of 25 years. Policies may be of a protective nature, when the sum insured is fixed and set in advance or of a protective and saving nature. In this case, part of the accumulated funds is deposited in investment funds. It is the option that gives a chance for the generation of a higher sum to be paid out. The earlier we invest in a dowry policy, the higher amount our child will get at the time of termination of the contract. Regular payments are a precondition. The capital saved will make it easier for our child to enter into adult life. For what purposes may the funds be used by our child? The purpose may be any – studies abroad, flat, opening their own business, etc. The policy also provides for additional protection against unexpected and tragic events. The dowry insurance ensures a compensation and payment of the collected funds in the case of a parent’s death or guarantees that the insurer takes over the obligation to pay premiums. The unquestionable advantage of this type of insurance is a free choice of the amount of premium and form of payment (one-time or as a monthly annuity).