Euro Health Consumer Index 2009 – health report by the Polish Insurance Association

The Polish Insurance Association and Health Consumer Powerhouse prepared a report titled: “Europejski Konsumencki Indeks Zdrowia 2009” (Euro Health Consumer Index 2009). It is the fifth edition of the customer healthcare systems ranking, but it is the first time it is published in Polish. The list presents 33 national healthcare systems, and focuses on functioning of those systems from the point of view of a customer.
The rating of the Dutch healthcare system in the report is high; it proves that the reform undertaken in this country brings good results.

It is worth mentioning it was the Dutch model the Polish healthcare system proposal was based and presented by the Polish Insurance Association. According to the ranking, Poland currently has one of the worst healthcare systems in terms of functioning. Despite the period of rapid economic growth, and despite the investments made in the system, the situation did not ameliorate.

The author of Euro Health Consumer Index report is Health Consumer Powerhouse. The opinions expressed in the report are those of the author.

Here we present the complete Polish version of the report: Euro Health Consumer Index 2009.