The new insurance fraud report

Insurance companies are becoming better at detecting insurance fraud. In 2017, more than 11,000 cases of extortion of compensation and benefits extortions were detected, amounting to more than PLN 225 million. The vast majority of cases are successfully detected at the attempt-to-commit-a-crime stage. Most of the crimes (amounting to more than PLN 195 million) relate to property insurance.

The average value of life insurance extortion is approx. PLN 20,000. The most frequent crimes are related to extortion of benefits for the death of the insured. In 2017, crime related to serious illness and hospital treatment was also frequently detected.

As for property insurance, the average value of extortion is approx. PLN 19,000. The crimes typically relate to motor insurance. In 2017, the amount of prevented extortions under RCA and comprehensive cover was more than PLN 138 million.

Detailed information is available in the PIU report.