Analysis: insurance crime in 2021

In 2021, more than 25,000 cases of fraudulent claims were detected in Poland. More than 4,500 cases concerned life insurance, the majority, almost 21,000, being property insurance. Undue payments of almost PLN 442 million were thwarted – PLN 34 million in life insurance and PLN 408 million in property insurance.

Fraudulent claims concern not only property, but also personal injury, which has a significant impact on the amount of undue benefits.

In life insurance, as in the previous year, the most common cases were hospital and surgical treatment. This accounts for more than 50% of all Section I insurance extortion. 18% are cases related to permanent disability or impairment resulting from an accident. As in the previous year, the number of fraudulent claims related to the death of the insured has fallen, both in terms of numbers and the amount of payments thwarted.

The very thorough verification of all cases (documentation presented) by claims departments, the use of graphical analysis tools in combination with operational activities carried out in the field by experts and the rapid referral of cases where there are doubts for further verification means that the insurance market is getting better at detecting insurance crime, and almost all cases are attempts to defraud.