A letter of the President of the Polish Insurance Association to the Insurance Ombudsman

Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, the President of the Polish Insurance Association, has written a letter to Ms Halina Olendzka, the Insurance Ombudsman.

The letter is connected with the recently published articles of Ms Małgorzata Więcko, who represents the Bureau of the Insurance Ombudsman. In the opinion of the Association, these articles are not only unreliable, but they often contain false information – concerning not only the insurance market, but also the regulations of law. The author (lawyer by education) tries to discredit, with the use of her articles, one of the models of insurance activity – the direct model.

She suggests, among other things, that the direct insurers operate under other legal regulations than traditional insurance companies – which is, of course, not true.

She gives false information on the access of clients of the direct companies to the information about products, general conditions of insurance and possibility to consult the customer service departments. The author, by publishing false information, does not mention either the scale of the alleged problem or does not provide any examples of her discoveries. It is ever so worrying, because it is the Insurance Ombudsman which is appointed by law to represent and protect the business of the clients of insurers.

The publications of Ms Małgorzata Więcko not only mislead the clients, but can even result in serious fears of the clients about the reliability of the protection provided by the insurer.

It is through such texts that the institution of the Insurance Ombudsman, instead of creating insurance awareness in Poland, intentionally creates insurance illiteracy.

In the opinion of the Polish Insurance Association, all the information provided by the Insurance Ombudsman should be provided with special care and accuracy, whereas the said publications lack these two features.

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A letter of the President of the Polish Insurance Association to the Insurance Ombudsman