5 November 2010
Insurance Review

Feel free to read the first issue of the quarterly scientific “Insurance News”. This first edition of the periodical in the new formula.



1. The Financial Crisis – Preparing for the Aftermath – Patrick Liedtke
2. Business continuity risk management in insurance companies
– Paweł Gołąb

3. The impact of financial crisis on trade credit insurance market – Jacek Lisowski
4. The liability of the insurer’s trade credit insurance. Selected aspects – Robert Dankiewicz
5. Article 811 KC in terms of pre-contract referral of the dispute – Zbigniew Łabno
6. Fault as a principle of liability and the fact releasing the obligation to provide compensation – Małgorzata Serwach
7. Insurance. For reservations terminology – Tadeusz Szumlicz
8. The method of testing development of private health insurance – Magdalena Osak


1. Market mechanisms in the system of universal health insurance – the Dutch experience – Anna Leśniewska
2.  Public-private partnership in the insurance application in the system of health protection – such as the Netherlands – Barbara Więckowska
3. Insurance Disaster Risk in Polish agriculture on the background of EU legislation – Magdalena Józefecka, Urszula Tetwejer


1. Conference – Challenges to the Insurance XXI century. The 60th anniversary of the Department of Insurance Poznan University of Economics – Anna Kufel-Siemińska
2. The Insurer – an activist with calling. Memories about Eugeniusz Kreida
– Marian Szczesniak