Legal expenses insurance workshops in Łódź

Some 40 people took part in the legal expenses insurance workshop, conducted at the Faculty of Law
and Administration of the University of Łódź by the Polish Chamber of Insurance.
The event brought together representatives of insurance companies, brokers and insurance agents, law firms and the academic community.
The workshop was opened by Renata Orzechowska, secretary of the Legal Expenses Insurance Team;
next, the floor was taken by the leader of the team, Robert Szywalski, who explained the nature of legal expenses insurance and presented data illustrating the demand for legal services among Poles and small and medium enterprises. Another speaker, Marek Pilc, legal adviser, discussed the role of legal advisers and lawyers in the provision of legal services, listing numerous arguments for encouraging the use of services of professional lawyers. The workshop ended with a lecture by Marcin Pabiś, a member of the team, on the rules for accepting and handling damages.

Presentation by Robert Szywalski
Presentation by Marcin Pabiś