GDPR, E-Privacy, E-ID, EIOPA – main topics of the open meeting of the Information Management Committee

More than 40 people took part in the open meeting of the Information Management Committee, which took place on 23 October. The meeting was opened by Andrzej Maciążek, Vice-President of the Management Board of the PIU and Ambroży Wójcik, Chairman of the Information Management Committee and the Group of Experts for GDPR Implementation at the PIU. Presentations were delivered by:

• Justyna Pancerow, Director of the Department for Implementation of the e-Health System, presented the projects run by the Centre for Healthcare Information Systems (Centrum Systemów Informacyjnych Ochrony Zdrowia; CSIOZ): e-prescription, e-referral and demonstrated the functionalities of the Patient’s Online Account. From the point of view of insurers, medical e-documentation will be important in providing establishments with information on the health condition of the insured or persons on whose account an insurance agreement is to be concluded. Insurers have also expressed their readiness for the integration of POA functionalities with insurance processes.
• Ambroży Wójcik, Data Protection Officer at AVIVIA Group and Chairman of the Group of Experts for GDPR Implementation at the PIU presented the results of a survey conducted by Insurance Europe on the legal basis for the processing of health-related data
in EU Member States. Consent applies in 11 countries, while 10 countries (including Poland) have introduced a legal solution based on public interest.
• Joanna Twardowska, Insurance and Contracts Director at PZU Group and a member of the Group of Experts for GDPR implementation at the PIU focused mainly on presenting the industry’s conjectures. She emphasised that the key objective of the basis for processing health-related data had been achieved.
• Xawery Konarski from the law firm Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy discussed the impact of the draft e-privacy regulation on the insurance sector. He stressed that the project will have an impact on damage elimination, anti-fraud measures, underwriting or marketing activities.
• Piotr Kułagowski, Director of the Operations Department at Warta Group and Chairman of the PIU’s Team for Digitisation of Processes in the Insurance Sector, presented the team’s work on electronic identification for insurers.
• Aleksander Urban, Deputy Director of the UFG Office for Development and Project Management, presented a user authentication project using the UFG token as a model designed for use in user authentication processes and the conclusion of insurance agreements.
• Marcin Piwko, Director of the IT Architecture and Infrastructure Department at Generali Group and Chairman of the Working Group for EIOPA Guidelines for Cloud Services at the PIU, discussed the scope and purpose of the group’s work and presented the position on the guidelines developed as part of the team’s work and within the insurance market.

Presentations from the meeting