Uniqa Wins the PIU Cup 2011

The Uniqa team won the third futsal competition PIU Cup 2011. The silver medal was awarded to Ergo Hestia and the bronze medal – to Link4. In the final of the competition, we saw a fierce rivalry, which was solved only by penalty kicks. After the standard 15 minutes of match, the results table reflected a tie – 2:2. Finally, Uniqa won by penalty kicks 3:2. It is the second victory of this team in a row in the PIU Cup.

The match for the third place, in which Link4 defeated Gras Savoye 4:2, was also very exciting.

Individual awards were granted to Paweł Pachar of Ergo Hestia – the best goal-keeper, and Artur Lis of Warta – the best scorer, who scored eight goals.

This year’s PIU Cup was a record one not only with regard to the number of teams (finally 20 teams participated in the Cup) but also with regard to fan attendance. The playground was incessantly occupied by the youngest fans. The older fans supplemented their energy used up in supporting their teams at the grill stands. ‘I’m glad that our competition became a family feast’, says Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, President of the PIU Management Board, summarising the event. During the award ceremony, he thanked all teams for participation in the Cup and congratulated the winners.

Already today PIU invites you to the next year’s fourth edition of PIU Cup 2012. Please find below the group classification and all of the results of matches of the cup phase.

Respectively: name of team/score/goals/goals lost

Group A

1. Ergo Hestia 12/13/1

2. Cardif 7/9/7

3. Axa Direct 4/6/10

4. MetLife Amplico 3/8/9

5. KUKE 3/6/15

Group B

1. Link4 12/11/1

2. Interrisk 7/4/5

3. Compensa 5/10/9

4. BRE Ubezpieczenia 3/6/9

5. TUW TUZ 1/3/10

Group C

1. Gras Savoye 12/8/3

2. Uniqa 9/10/6

3. Aviva 6/8/6

4. Insurance Faculty of the Poznań University of Economics 3/6/9

5. HDI 0/6/14

Group D

1. Warta 10/13/4

2. Liberty Direct 9/15/5

3. Nordea 7/10/6

4. PTR 3/5/13

5. Office of the Ombudsman of the Insured 0/3/18


Ergo Hestia – InterRisk 6:0

Gras Savoye – Liberty Direct 1:0

Link4 – Cardif 5:2

Warta – Uniqa 2:2 (penalty kicks 4:5)


Ergo Hestia – Gras Savoye 2:1

Link4 – Uniqa 0:2

Third place match:

Gras Savoye – Link4 2:4


Ergo Hestia – Uniqa 2:2 (penalty kicks 2:3)