Trailer insurance remains mandatory

After the recommendation of the Parliamentary Infrastructure Committee concerning the trailers to be left in the catalogue of automotive vehicles, and following the amendments of the Senate to the amended road transport law, the Seym has adopted the Senate’s amendments at the voting. Thus, the postulates of the Polish Insurance Association have been taken into account to adopt the regulations in view of which the trailers will still be covered by the mandatory MTPL insurance. PIU opted for such a solution during the works of both Seym Infrastructure Committee and Senate Committee of National Economy. 2 deputies only voted against the Senate’s amendment with 404 deputies against the amendment rejection, and 1 deputy abstained. Now, the act will be transmitted to be signed by the President. At the stage of legislative works, PIU indicated the threats resulting out of excluding trailers from the compulsory MTPL insurance, not only those connected with the injureds’ protection, but also those related to the fact that such a solution would be in contradiction to the EU-law, according to which the word „vehicle” means any motor vehicle (…) any trailers, coupled or not”.