The announcement on the regulations concerning reimbursement of renting of a substitute vehicle costs

The Polish Insurance Association, together with the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, prepared the regulations concerning the procedure of examining claims, within the scope of renting a substitute vehicle, filed in the losses covered by the third-party insurance for the owners of motor vehicles (Polish OC).

The cooperation of both institutions resulted in the development, by the Association, of the regulations approved by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Thus the document setting the standards within the scope of examining the claims to reimburse the expenses on the renting of a substitute vehicle was created; it specifies more precisely some regulations contained in the recommendation of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority which was directed to insurance companies. The document will substitute the recommendation of supervision issued in December. The standard of the procedure concerning the substitute vehicles will make the process of examining claims of this type clearer and friendlier for the client.

The acceptance, by the insurance companies, of the aforementioned regulations will ensure the same manner of examining the issue of a substitute vehicle in every insurance company in Poland.

This document specifies which circumstances the insurer will take into account while examining the claim for a substitute vehicle and how the insurer will specify the period when it will cover the expenses of renting the vehicle. The client who will be familiar with the regulations will be able to systematically estimate within which scope he or she can count on reimbursement of the incurred expenses.

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