Results of the health insurance market after Q2 2016

As results of data gathered by the Polish Insurance Association, after the first half of 2016 the premium collected on the health insurance market amounted to PLN 263.5 million. This constitutes almost an 11% increase as compared to the previous year. The highest growth is observed in individual insurances, where the premium increased by as much as 16%.
The number of policyholders increased YoY by 26% and reached the number of PLN 1.67 million. Most frequently held insurances are group policies, usually purchased by employers or employees – almost 1.4 million. However, the highest (44%) increase in the number of customers is visible in individual insurances.
– In Poland, additional health insurance are usually an element of social benefits. Although the number of the insured is increasing, additional health insurance is still not a common trend. If we want this type of insurance to be available to the average Pole (Kowalski), appropriate regulations and systemic changes must be introduced to enable its development – says Dorota M. Fal, adviser to the Management Board of the Polish Insurance Association for health insurance.


WHOLE MARKET Gross premium written [PLN] CUMULATIVELY Number of the insured [persons] CUMULATIVELY
individual insurance group insurance individual insurance group insurance
2Q 2015 32,114,925 205,282,480 218,020 1,105,397
2Q 2016 37,407,382 226,145,586 314,210 1,359,505