Quick aid for flood victims

The insurers whose clients live in the areas affected by flooding, have launched their special crisis teams. Insurers have also introduced the path of the so called quick loss adjustment. In the case of smaller losses indemnity is paid in full to the victims after just a few days, without the detailed procedure of loss estimation.
Insurers will pay indemnity advances to the persons who suffered the largest losses in the consequence of flood. Due to that, the persons who have lost all their property in the consequence of flood, will not be left without means to live.
Thanks to the special crisis teams more employees receive loss reports at Call Centers. Above all, more loss agents have been sent to the places affected by flood. Due to that the losses are being assessed more quickly which results with indemnity payment within a shorter period of time.
Approx. 29 thousand losses have been reported to insurers during last few days. Several hundreds of additional loss agents have been sent to the affected areas. Polish Insurance Association is answering all the questions asked in relation to the flood through the media.
Insurers stress that the victims can take any measures aimed at avoidance of the loss or at diminishing its size. Debris removal of the houses destroyed by the flood can also be begun without fear. In order to make the agent’s job easier, it would be worthwhile to take some photos of the property destroyed by the flood. No professional equipment is required for this purpose, the photos taken by means of a mobile phone are sufficient. Such a documentation will make the waiting time for indemnity payment still shorter.
PIU is in permanent contact with its members and currently gathers any information regarding the flood.