J. Grzegorz Pradzynski re-elected Board President of the Polish Insurance Association

The General Meeting of Shareholders of the Polish Insurance Association re-elected Jan Grzegorz Pradzynski President of the Board of the Association. Andrzej Maciazek will remain vice-president and Marcin Luczynski – previous head of finance and taxes of insurance companies – was appointed  member of the Board.

I would like to thank the members of the Association, on behalf of the entire Board, for the trust they placed in us. This is not going to be an easy term of office which relates, among others, to the implementation of Solvency II. However, I am convinced that the Polish insurance market can rest assured being represented by the Polish Insurance Association which is a strong and professional representative and is able to manage difficult tasks – Jan Grzegorz Pradzynski said.

The General Meeting also appointed 11 members of the Audit Committee which performs the function of a Supervisory Board of the Polish Insurance Association. The following persons became members of the Committee: Ryszard Bociong, Marek Czerski, Piotr Dzikiewicz, Maciej Jankowski,  Witold Jaworski,  Andrzej Klesyk, Zygmunt Kostkiewicz, Piotr Narloch, Jaroslaw Parkot, Ewa Stachura-Kruszewska and Grzegorz Szatkowski.

Members of the Polish Insurance Association, during the General Meeting, granted the vote of approval to all members of the Board and Audit Committee of the previous term of office. The financial report and the business activity report of the Board and Audit Committee were also accepted.

The General Meeting was concluded with a ceremony of awarding commemorative diplomas to the members of the Audit Committee of the Polish Insurance Association in the years 2008-2011. The President of the Polish Insurance Association also awarded the badges “Za Zaslugi dla Ubezpieczen” (For services to insurance) to eleven persons. These were: Mrs Grazyna Golinska, Mrs Magdalena Kaczmarek, Mrs Katarzyna Kasztelan-Przybylska, Mr Piotr Adamczyk, Mr Andrzej Janc, Mr Zbigniew Jeksa, Mr Radoslaw Kaminski, Mr Adam Muziol, Mr Jakub Nawracala, Mr Piotr Szlenk, Mr Paul Villemagne.