Insurers will sign an agreement on the recognition of claims

Insurance companies affiliated to the PIU will sign an agreement on the principles and procedures for mutual recognition of claims of the voluntary motor insurance. The agreement, the initiative of the PZU means a considerable improvement of the recognition and implementation of recourses by the company.
It is a great convenience especially for customers. The agreement means that the protracted process of recognition and implementation of recourse by the insurer’s case does not necessarily result in the loss of discounts for the policy.

–    Thanks to the cooperation of insurance companies within the Polish Insurance Association, an important agreement has been established. It is not only important that the arrangements will normalize relationships between insurers, but that the agreement is signed by companies representing more than 90 percent of compulsory motor market. This compatibility means that the contract will have strong and active impact on the functioning of the market – says Grzegorz Pradzynski, the chairman of the board of the Polish Insurance Association.

Basic principles of contract agreed in PIU assume that the case of recourse will be conducted in a faster and easier way. The agreement sets out principles and procedures for recognition by insurers polluters covered by insurance claims of civil liability arising from compensation for voluntary insurance.
Within the claims covered by the contract there is also the reimbursement of towing and parking the vehicle under the insurance, as long as the parking and towing is connected to the damage under the AC insurance.  In addition, the companies committed to the elimination of losses under the voluntary insurance without preference to those victims whose damages are not covered by the contract.

The Agreement contains 13 companies, whose market share in motor third party liability insurance on 31.12.2008 amounts to more than 92 percent. (Source: FSC).

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