Casus must apologize to insurance companies

Casus, a compensation office, must apologize and correct all false information about the alleged lowering of claim amount by insurers.

That is the effect of the settlement achieved at the District Court in Warsaw between the Polish Insurance Association and Casus Dochodzenie Roszczeń Ubezpieczeniowych. The correction of the false information used by Casus in its advertising materials must be published twice in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” and twice in “Metro”. Its contents, according to the settlement achieved, will look as follows:

“Casus Dochodzenie Roszczeń Ubezpieczeniowych would like to apologise to insurance companies for disseminating in advertising materials false information on lowering by insurance companies the amount of claims paid out. Casus declares that it did not intend to suggest that using its services is indispensable for receiving compensation.”

Casus is also obliged to pay PLN 2,000 to the account of Society of Friends of Children’s Health Centre Foundation to support of the Scientific Library of the Children’s Memorial Health Institute.

The lawsuit for infringement of personal interests was filed against Casus by the Polish Insurance Association in mid-2009. It was connected with the law firm’s ads claiming that “in over 99% of cases insurance companies lower claims they pay out” and suggesting the need to use the services of Casus to receive due compensation.