Almost Half a Billion PLN for Insurance by phone and on the Internet

In Q1 2014 we concluded 2.87 million of insurance contracts by phone and on the Internet. This is less by 3.27% than in the previous year. Still, we paid PLN 537 million, i.e. almost 10 percent less than in the previous year.

The most popular types of insurance bought by phone and on the Internet are the compulsory third party liability insurance for the owners of motor vehicles (over PLN 300 million in premiums), along with vehicle accident and theft insurance (PLN 103 million). The insurance against other material damages become increasingly important (increase in premium from PLN 12.7 million to PLN 15.5 million).

The traditional division between traditional and direct insurers no longer exists. The majority of direct companies reaches their customers also through the agents. Therefore, the premium collected by phone and on the Internet decreases,” said Paweł Zylm, the Head of the PIU Direct Insurance Team.
The direct market is the channel of insurance policy sales by phone and on the Internet, which appeared in Poland in 2003. The sector has observed a particularly dynamic growth from 2006 and already in 2012 it exceeded 5 million of sold policies for the first time.