Insurance Review 1/2024

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Artykuły naukowe

1. Krzysztof Pacuła – Is an EU Member State a weaker party in the context of the rules of jurisdiction in direct actions against insurers? Comments on the request for a preliminary ruling in the case Mutua Madrileña Automovilista, C-536/23
2. Jakub Pokrzywniak – How far shall the protection of a traffic accident victim go under motor third party liability insurance?
3. Aneta Paleczna – The concept of rationalising damage and the scope of insurer’s liability
4. Paulina Wyszyńska-Ślufińska – Compensation for moral harm caused to a legal entity – does the new Polish Supreme Court resolution of 2023 provide a remedy for the Polish legal system? Some critical remarks in a comparative perspective.


1. Bartosz Kucharski – Gloss to a judgement of CJEU of 30th or March 2023, C – 618/21 AR and others versus PK S.A. and others
2. Łukasz Żarnowiec – The Assessment of the nature of the provisions of national law setting the rules for the compensation for harm caused by the death of the closest person in the light of Art. 16 of the Rome II Regulation – comments in the context of a preliminary question submitted to the Court of Justice of the EU following the decision of the Bulgarian Supreme Court of Cassation of February 7, 2023 (case number C-86/23, HUK-COBURG-Allgemeine Versicherung AG)