Insurance Review 4/2014

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Spis treści:

Insurance in the social security system – Tadeusz Szumlicz
Trade credit insurance – specifity of risks –Jacek Lisowski
Risk posed by viatical settlement practices in the Polish life insurance market – Eugeniusz Kowalewski
Consumer protection in e-insurance in European Union law – Katarzyna Malinowska
The Present Situation of the Insurance System and Insurance Contracts in Hungary – Tekla Papp, Tamás Jakab
Claims for brokerage from the perspectives of Polish, German and Austrian law – Eugeniusz Kowalewski, Szymon Szmak
Compensation for property damage under motor third party liability insurance – Ewa Bagińska
Insurance markets in selected Central and Eastern Europe countries during economic slowdown – Ryszard Pukała
Sustainability of structural pension reforms in the CEE countries – experiences and lessons for the future – Kamila Bielawska
Pension Reforms in Poland and Hungary from the Legal Perspective – similarities and differences – Dorota Maśniak, Dóra Janiné Lados
‘Automatic Dis-Enrolment’. The Impact of the Choice Architecture on Retirement Savings Decisions: Some Evidence from Poland – Wojciech Sieczkowski
Conditions for the development of occupational pension schemes in Poland – Marek Szczepański