Insurance Review 4/2015

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You are invited to have a look at the scientific quarterly journal “Insurance Review” issue 4/2015. All articles are in English.

Complaints Act 2015 – a New Measure of Customer Protection on the Polish Insurance Market – Eugeniusz Kowalewski, Michał P. Ziemiak, Michał Marszelewski
Value based management in insurance companies –Magdalena Chmielowiec–Lewczuk
Insurance in the process of financial risk management in enterprise activity – Robert Dankiewicz
Unit-linked life insurance in view of the new Act on insurance and reinsurance activities – Patrycja Kowalczyk-Rólczyńska, Piotr Pisarewicz
The research on the effectiveness of unit-linked insurance plans – Anna Ostrowska-Dankiewicz
The Impact of Additional Insurance Options of the ABD, ALI and ADI – Type on a Level of Mathematical Reserves of Premiums in Life Insurance – Magdalena Homa
The sufficiency of the minimum amounts in compulsory liability insurance to cover personal injury claims – based on motor third party liability insurance and medical liability insurance – Wanda Ronka-Chmielowiec, Anna Jędrzychowska, Ewa Poprawska
Description of the selected methods and ways of counteracting insurance crime – a case study of alternative spare parts and partial loss claims in no‑fault insurance policies – Wojciech Lewicki
Export Credit Insurance in the Russian Federation – Alexander Tsyganov, Nadezda Kirillova
The Use of Financial Risks Insurance to Launder Financial Resources in Ukraine – Jurij Klapkiv