Training seminar on combating insurance crime

Another edition of the training seminar entitled “Cooperation between the Police, the insurance companies and other insurance market institutions in the scope of counteracting, exposing and combating insurance crime” was held on 19 and 20 September 2013 in the Police Academy in Szczytno. The contents of the seminar were prepared by the Polish Insurance Association in cooperation with the Criminal Affairs Bureau of the General Police Headquarters.

The seminar was a working meeting of specialists charged with counteracting and combating crime in all the aspects of the insurance activity. Its main goal was to exchange practical experiences on contemporary insurance crime forms.

The seminar was devoted primarily to document crimes, e.g. cases of attestation of false information consisting on confirming events that did not take place, or concealing or twisting facts in order to obtain compensation. It also tackled the subject of crime in life insurance, where its presence is constantly increasing.

Numerous participants stated that the character of the insurance crime has changed: petty, occasional crimes were replaced by organised crime, much more difficult to identify and successfully counteract. Therefore it is necessary that the law enforcement agencies and the insurers cooperate.

Among the lecturers were the representatives of the General Police Headquarters, the General Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the insurance companies, the Insurance Guarantee Fund, the Police Academy in Szczytno, the Polish Bank Association, the Centre for Banking Law and Information and the Polish Insurance Association. The experience of previous seminar editions confirms that such meetings are an excellent impulse for further activities of the insurance, banking and law enforcement sectors.