Seminar on issues concerning weather forecasts and dangerous weather phenomena

On 22 April 2013, the Polish Insurance Association together with the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management conducted a seminar on weather forecasts and dangerous weather phenomena in the head office of the Institute.
This event was organised for the members of the Committee of the Property Insurance, Agricultural Insurance Subcommittee, Reinsurance Subcommittee and Working Groups for risk management and for the development of a system of general insurance against the effects of natural disasters.
Presentations prepared by researchers from the Institute referred to the following issues: weather reports terminology, storm analysis, regulations for issuing meteorological warnings and the manner of obtaining and processing information from weather stations and radars. Other discussed issues included extreme phenomena in hydrology and matters connected with the implementation of the EU Floods Directive. Participants of the seminar had also the opportunity to see how monitoring of weather conditions and phenomena looks like in practice.
Materials provided by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management can be found below:

Dangerous atmospheric phenomena — Katarzyna Bednarek

Meteorological warnings — Ewa Łapińska

Weather forecasts. Emergence, types, interpretation — Michał Ogrodnik

Use of weather radar to detect and forecast weather phenomena — Mateusz Barczyk

Extreme phenomena in hydrology — Jerzy Niedbała