Role of insurance in national economy and business development

On 24 June 2013, a conference titled “Role of insurance in national economy and business development” will be held in the Ministry of Economy. The Polish Insurance Association is the organiser of the conference. The Ministry of Economy as well as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Janusz Piechociński, took patronage over it.
The conference aims at presenting and explaining the meaning of insurance in the national economy with respect to stimulating development of the small and medium-sized enterprises sector (SMEs sector). Such objective would enable implementation of the following factual assumptions:
Presenting activities of the Minister of Economy in the area of shaping conditions for conducting business activity, in particular this concerning the SMEs sector. Determining the role of insurance in the social and economic development of Poland.
Indicating the nature and influence of risk on conducting business activity.
Presenting insurance as an effective method of limiting risk connected with conducting business activity.
Discussing insurance offer as a significant growth factor with respect to innovativeness of the Polish economy. Indicating areas for development of the insurance offer.
Determining the best and most anticipated by entrepreneurs forms of implementing insurance protection.
Practical examples of efficient use of insurance protection by entrepreneurs in the area of financing effects of adverse events.

The conference is intended for both entrepreneurs and representatives of the scientific community as well as for insurers. Persons interested in participating in the conference should register at: