Polish Insurance Association (PIU) tax seminar

On 30 November 2016, the Polish Insurance Association in collaboration with Deloitte organised a seminar entitled: “Taxes in the insurance industry”. The seminar was held at the Mercure Hotel in the Centre of Warsaw, at ul. Złota 48-54.
The topics of the seminar concerned, first of all, amendments to tax regulations from the perspective of the insurance sector (including: clauses against avoidance of taxation, changes in the CIT and PIT taxes, fiscal administration reform, and increasing the criminal and fiscal liability), the requirements for implementation of the procedures of compliance with CRS/Euro-FATCA (including: reporting practices in this area, changes in IFT reporting, the obligations to record actions for the purposes of CRS/Euro-FATCA and the obligation to collect supporting documentation. The recent case law and tax practices in the insurance sector (including: VAT tax on services ancillary to insurance services and the proposed liquidation of the exemption from this tax, tax asset law) and changes in the regulatory environment of the insurance activity; new regulations, case law and market practices (including: Directive 2016/97 dated 20 January 2016 regarding insurance distribution, insurance for accounting for a third party, insurance versus transfer of the subject of insurance, investigation and complaint handling procedures) were also discussed. The amendments to the provisions on transaction prices and their documentation as well as the experiences from controls conducted by fiscal authorities were also widely discussed. The seminar was attended by about 150 insurance company professionals, the Ministry of Finance, representatives of trade press and academic centres.

Presentations from the seminar