PIU seminar on complaints – account

More than 70 guests attended the seminar organised by the PIU under the name “One year of application of the Act on the handling of complaints by financial market organisations and on the Financial Ombudsman of 5 August 2015 – remarks on the consequences of the regulation and key challenges for insurance companies from the legal standpoint”. The seminar took place on 29 June 2017.
The seminar was addressed, in particular, to managers of insurance companies responsible for the complaint handling process. It was opened by Andrzej Maciążek, Vice-president of the PIU, and Dorota M. Fal, adviser to the Management Board of the PIU. The participants analysed the provisions of the Act as well as the substantive and statistical approach to the requests being received by insurance companies to consider complaints. Rulings associated with the complaints were also studied. Attorney Łukasz Wilma presented a substantive analysis of the consequences of the regulation and key challenges for the insurance companies, after which Wojciech Brewczyński, manager of the Claim Adjustment Strategy Department/Complaints Section at Warta, presented a review of the key statistics regarding complaints and grievances.
The discussion held at the end of the seminar showed that the problem of complaints is very important for the industry and should be monitored. An account of the seminar and presentations given by the speakers can be found below:

Presentation by Wojciech Brewczyński
Presentation by attorney Łukasz Wilma