PIU reinsurance seminar

The Polish Insurance Association, in cooperation with KPMG and DLA Piper law firm, organised a seminar entitled “Reinsurance in the light of new legal conditions”.

During the meeting participants discussed the impact of new regulations, both with respect to the national and EU law, connected with implementation of SOLVENCY II Directive on the reinsurance area. Speeches also addressed the actuarial and business issues relating to the establishment of capital requirements, settlement of reinsurance contracts and the role of reinsurance in the risk management system. The seminar speakers were representatives of DLA Piper Wiater law firm and KPMG Audyt.

Speaker profiles

Wojciech Mojżuk, KPMG
New regulatory regimes versus reinsurance

Beata Mrozowska-Bartkiewicz, Att., DLA Piper:
Reinsurance activity in the Solvency II system
Problems of equivalence of insurance supervision in third countries
UE system of insurance supervision versus the activities of reinsurers in Poland
Management system in a reinsurance company and key functions
Scope of authorisation to conduct reinsurance activity in the light of legislative changesand authorisations held