Conference: counteracting insurance cybercrime

On 19 June 2018, the Polish Insurance Association, in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Insurance of the SGH Warsaw School of Economics, organised a conference entitled ‘Counteracting insurance cybercrime’.

The conference was a response to the need for creating structures enabling insurance companies to jointly counteract cybercrime in the face of cyber threats emerging in the financial market (including the insurance market) and, consequently, legal regulations on the national cybersecurity system which are being developed. Creating an opportunity for representatives of the financial market to have their first discussions on the approach of insurance companies to cybersecurity resulted in some guidelines on what kind of joint activities should be taken by the insurance market to reinforce cooperation in this field, including developing incident reporting mechanisms. Acquiring knowledge about the principles of cooperation with the banking sector and the entire financial market (especially with law enforcement authorities and state institutions responsible for cyberspace security) was also important.

The event was attended by specialists responsible for cybersecurity on an international, national and sectoral economy level, experts in the field of modern technologies used to create and combat cyber threats, as well as representatives of the Cybercrime Unit of the Polish National Police. The conference was specifically intended for employees of insurance companies involved in general cybersecurity (including IT, compliance and risks departments), but also for the scientific community, as well as institutions and companies involved in insurance.

Conference presentations