13th edition of “Data Quality” seminar

As part of support and promotion of data quality and information standardisation for the insurance sector, PIU is organising the 13th edition of the seminar entitled: “Data Quality in Information Systems of Insurance Companies”. The seminar is going to be held on 11 April 2013 in the Conference Centre Rondo 1, Rondo ONZ 1 in Warsaw.

A considerable part of the seminar is going to be dedicated to the draft amendment to personal data protection regulations, the reform of the national personal data protection act and the impact of its implementation on the financial sector. The issue of re-construction of the central registers supervised by the Ministry of Justice is planned to be continued. As usual, we are also going to present external information resources and financial sector practitioners’ experience in data quality improvement for information systems of insurance companies. Also, the issues related to new technologies in data protection are planned to be discussed. The Inspector General for Personal Data Protection is going to present selected data protection issues in “Cloud Computing.” We are also planning a presentation by a representative of Bezpieczna Cyberprzestrzeń [Cyber Security] Foundation.

The seminar is open for members of the Polish Insurance Association and for the institutions long-cooperating with the Association. Their attendance at the seminar is free of charge. Commercial companies may take part in the seminar after they have paid the gross fee of PLN 1,500 per each participant.

Enrolment for the seminar and the agenda are available HERE:

Please enrol by 4 April 2013.