Witold Walkowiak became PIU Vice President

General Meeting of the Polish Insurance Association has appointed Mr Witold Walkowiak the PIU Board Vice-President. 
Witold Walkowiak has chaired the PIU Economics and Finance Committee since the beginning of 2009. The first period of his professional career, i.e. the period from 1980 to 1991, was related to research work at the Institute of Finance.
Then, he started his work for Bank Handlowy, where he held managerial posts in finance department in the period from 1992 to 2000; he was the vice-president of the bank in the period 2001-2003. In he period 2000-2001 he served as a vice-president of BPH Bank.
His further career was related to the insurance sector: in the period 2003-2006 he served as a board member of PZU SA where he was responsible for the departments of finance, administration and logistics. In the period 2006-2008 he was the financial director of the European Department at Eureko B.V and also served as a member of the council of directors and the chairman of audit committee at insurance companies Friends First (Ireland) and Interamerican (Greece).

Witold Walkowiak is aged 52. He is a graduate of SGH and holds a doctor’s degree in economic sciences.

Presently, the board of PIU comprises of the following persons: Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński – Board President, Witold Walkowiak – Board Vice-President, Andrzej Maciążek – Board Member.