We know the best insurance journalists

Regina Skibińska was awarded the title of the Insurance Journalist of the Year. PIU”s management board decided to reward texts published in “Rzeczpospolita” for a friendly way in which insurance issues are presented and educational values of these texts.

PIU’s Management Board awarded the prize in the category “Text of the Year” to Małgorzata Kolińska-Dąbrowska of “Gazeta Wyborcza” for a series of texts on compensation offices. Those texts were a contribution to a broad discussion on creating legal and ethical regulations for compensation offices.

The prize in the category “Debut of the Year” was awarded to Malwina Wrotniak of Bankier.pl for the ability to find new insurance topics and for a clear way of their presentation.

This year, PIU’s Management Board also decided to award two honorary prizes. The title of the “Editor of the Year” was awarded to Radio TOK FM for consistently conducted insurance education of the listener.

A honorary prize was also awarded to Aleksandra Biały, the winner of the 1st edition of PIU’s Competition, for a long-standing and consistent interest in insurance issues in her work.

PIU’s Management Board would like to thank all the participants of the competition, whose work was at a very high level, and congratulate all the winners.