Polish Chamber of Insurance has been a member of the CEA Insurers of Europe – European Association of Insurers – since 1998.

CEA is the umbrella organization of insurance associations and associations from 33 European countries. It has alrady been operating for 52 years and integrates the actions of the partners from all parts of the old continent. The primary challenge posed by the organization is to solve the problems associated with the strategic interests of European insurance companies. In particular, the regulatory environment.

CEA carries out its mission on three levels.

The first area of activity includes taking up global issues. The practice consists of representing the European insurance environment in the forum of organizations such as OECD, WTO and IAIS.

The second challenge involves developing the insurance business in the context of its impact on socio-economic structure. Within the avtivity CEA:

• promotes insurance solutions in all areas of risk
• cooperates with academic institutions and scientific and trade associations,
• promotes fundamental values and ethics of insurance.

The third, broadest part of action covers all internal issues ot the European insurance market. Within the activity CEA works to:

• provide openness and liberalization of the insurance and financial markets in Europe (the most important in this respect being the struggle for market integration and the related lobbying and a number of studies and analysis)
• raise standards in the financial market (implementation of cross-regulation and monitoring of new entrants in the market and the promotion of tax-neutral legal solutions for the insurance industry)
• develop and strengthen the institutions supervising the insurance market and developing accounting standards (promotion of coordination between supervisors and work for a modern and effective implementation of schemes for the sector),
• promote development of orderly and competetive institutional investment market,
• engage in legislative work on new areas of operation of the market (promotion of Best Practice Guides in the insurance sector and analysis of legislative alternatives)
• secure the best conditions for the expansion of the EU insurance market (to support the development of new markets and to help Member States to adapt the model law to the conditions prevailing in the EU).