The Insurance Knowledge Sharing Programme by PIU and FES of the University of Warsaw is becoming increasingly popular.

Almost 40 people, mainly students participated the lecture devoted to the idea of private health insurances. The lecture was conducted by Stanisław Borkowski, the Member of the Board of Directors of Allianz Polska SA.

That was the second lecture within the Insurance Knowledge Sharing Programme organized together with PIU and the Faculty of Economic Science at the University of Warsaw.

In the first part of the lecture, Stanisław Borkowski focused on the basic aspects concerning the functioning of insurances. He described the function of the insured, insurer, supervision and reinsurer.

In the second part of the lecture, students had the opportunity to get familiarized with the commercial health insurance market and the system of financing the public health service in Poland.

The last part of the lecture consisted in a presentation of the complex reform of the health service created by PIU. The students had an opportunity to hear a case study by many experts recognized as the best proposal of changes in financing the Polish health service.

The lecture ended with questions from the audience.

The next lecture within the Insurance Knowledge Sharing Programme will be held on the 14th of December.  It will be devoted to the topic of disaster insurances and it will be given by Andrzej Maciążek, a member of the Board of PIU.

More information on the lectures is available on the website of the FES of the University of Warsaw in the section devoted to the Insurance Education and the Insurance Knowledge Sharing Programme.