The Government informs about the quick actions of Insurers and PIU with relation to the Flood

Owing to the direct cooperation of PIU and the governmental administration established on the day when flood alarm was raised, on the Friday session, the Parliament had the opportunity to present information concerning the help from insurers to the casualties of the disaster.

Michał Boni, the Head of Donald Tusk Advisors presented “the Information of the Prime Minister on the Situation in the Flooded Areas.” He underlined that insurers associated in PIU should use the standards of simplified liquidation of damages and immediate payment of advances to the casualties that most suffered from the disaster.

The insurance companies take quick actions concerning the accounting of reported damages (27 thousand damages). Most of the companies associated in PIU took special actions which means that in case of damages of low value (3 to 5 thousand PLN), the damages are liquidated by phone without sending experts. In case of damages of higher value, the advances of 5 thousand PLN are paid very quickly, sometimes without expertise, based on a preliminary evaluation of a expert. If a more complex analysis of damages is needed, the process is simplified – Michał Boni said.

He also related to special crisis staffs established by insurers for clients living in the flooded areas. He pointed out that the payment of advances and quick liquidation of damages by insurers will be carried on.

The government also informed about its consistent cooperation with PIU. We forwarded a letter of request for cooperation and the exchange of information to the Polish Insurance Association, so that the reported damages could be settled quickly – added Michał Boni.

The Polish Insurance Association is continuously receiving information from its members about the number of reported damages and actions taken with relation to the flood. Using the media, the PIU also gives the up-to-date information helpful for the insured people who incurred damages because of the flood.

PIU also wants to express its gratitude to all its members for their up-to-date information about the damages resulting from the flood. The standards established within this issue by the market contribute not only to better protection of the casualties but also to positive change of the image of the industry in the eyes of the society. Due to these actions the insurance industry is treated as a rightful partner in the consultation and cooperation with the governmental administration.