Polish Insurance Association participates in a debate at Rzeczpospolita

On Monday, 21 November of this year, J. Grzegorz Prądzyński, the President of the Board of PIU, took part in the debate organised in the editorial office of “Rzeczpospolita” daily. The meeting was dedicated to the activities of compensation claims companies which offer assistance to persons most injured in accidents. Other participants of the debate were: Paweł Sawicki from the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Aleksander Daszewski, legal counsellor from the Office of the Financial Ombudsman, Jakub Nawracała, legal counsellor and Bartłomiej Krupa, Vice-President of the Board of Votum.

During the meeting, President Prądzyński pointed out the fact that compensation claims companies should be subject to all relevant regulations as participants of the insurance market. Among the areas to be regulated as listed by President Prądzyński are the issues of remuneration of insurance agents, benefit payment methods and ethics, including the manner of customer acquisition.
The record of the debate is available on the pages of “Rzeczpospolita”: