PIU work on a new law on tourist services

Polish Insurance Association supports the idea of a Travel Security Fund (FZT) – a mechanism for protecting clients from unfair travel agentcies. The fund would be based on contributions paid by all tour operators. The contribution will depend on the type of service – the highest would be paid for a customer sent on charter trip, less for the client sent on a bus trip or youth trip. This system would complement the current model of the guarantee provided by commercial insurers. The guarantee would remain the basis for the system.
PIU also proposes that the charter tour operators could operate only as joint-stock companies – perhaps with a larger amount than the statutorily required 0.5 million PLN. From this point of view, charter tour operators are most likely to go bankrupt.
The form of a joint-stock company will oblige companies offering charter trips to give regular audited financial reports, so insurers will be able to assess the situation of the company and the risks associated with insurance better, therefore customers will receive better protection.
PIU keeps the media informed about FZT. PIU also took part in Monday’s press conference on the subject. PIU will keep monitoring the law project, which is being prepared by the Ministry of Sport and Tourism.