PIU representative office opens in Brussels

On 1 March 2019, the Polish Chamber of Insurance opened its representative office in Brussels. Its aim is to take an active role in legislative work in the European forum and represent the interests of the Polish insurance market. The PIU office will also provide expert advice on the implementation of EU legislation into national law. PIU was joined by Iwona Szczęsna, whose task is to organise the work of the PIU office in Brussels. Her previous professional experience includes, among others, the co-establishment of EIOPA and management of the International Cooperation Division in the field of the insurance and pension fund market at the Polish Financial Supervision Authorit‘. ‘PIU has been strengthened by a person with extensive experience in the field of international cooperation. This is very important in times when increasingly more legal regulations originate outside Poland. In order to perform our statutory duties as best as possible, we must constantly monitor the work of the most important European institutions’, said Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, president of the Board of PIU. ‘I am pleased that the domestic insurance market will have its permanent representative in Brussels. It is a great honour for me and an opportunity to support a statutorily authorised organisation in looking after the interests of the Polish market’, said Iwona Szczęsna.