PIU is the co-author of the “Legal First-aid-kit – Lex Without Tears”

Some of the important statutory tasks of the Polish Insurance Association are its educational and information activities in the insurance sector. Educating the society, in particular the youth entering their adult lives, who often have no basic legal knowledge necessary to manage their everyday reality – is very important.

PIU is the partner of the educational project “Legal First-aid-kit – Lex Without Tears” implemented by the Polish Judges Association “IUSTITIA” (the Silesia Branch). The First-aid-kit is a handbook addressed at the junior high school and secondary school students. It contains the compilation of the most important legal issues. One chapter is devoted to insurance.

The first-aid-kit is written with a simple language, providing many examples; it contains a lot of examples and its graphic form is attractive for teenagers. In the upcoming months, it will be distributed free of charge to school students during the lessons of law taught by the judges within the areas of the Silesia, Warsaw, Wielkopolska and Wrocław Branches of SSP „IUSTITIA”. PIU not only gave its financial support, but also its content-related support.

The Partners of the publication apart from PIU include also the Law and Administration Faculty of the University of Silesia and the National Chamber of Tax Advisors, along with the Katowice Academy of Fine Arts.