PIU has worked out the catalogue of road events

PIU, in co-operation with Polski Związek Motorowy Holding SA, has worked out the catalogue of 190 most frequent situations of road accidents. A precise description has been attached to each example, explaining which of the participants is responsible for the event to happen. The catalogue will make the waiting time for indemnity to be shorter and it will be easier for insurers to settle between one another.
„Catalogue of Road Events” not only defines the driver’s liability for causing a collision, but it also defines the extent to which different collision participant contributed to the event, when the fault is not only on one side, which is often the case. In such situations, it is the most difficult and longest procedure to define the liability for the collision. – Due to „the Catalogue” it will take much shorter for the insurer to determine the liability in such situations – says Katarzyna Lewandowska, Chairwoman of PIU Motor Insurance Committee.
„The Catalogue” will be applied above all in such cases where the circumstances have not been documented properly, e.g. the police was not called to the place of the event or there are no witnesses of the event.
Certainly, the Catalogue does not contain all possible events which can be faced by the driver on the road; however the situations described therein belong to those which are encountered most frequently. The Catalogue will be updated and extended according to clients’ expectations and insurers’ needs.
The Catalogue also means the possibility to simplify mutual settlement of accounts among insurers within the framework of recourse agreement worked out by PIU several months ago. It is also an important step towards the building of a new direct loss adjustment system in Poland.
The catalogue has been assessed positively by the Institute of Forensic Research in Cracow.