Next companies in the recourse agreement

The Polish Insurance Association will join the agreement on the rules and mode of mutual recognition of recourse claims. The companies, united in the Polish Insurance Association, which have signed the agreement so far constitute approximately 90% of the companies which operate on the third-party insurance market. Other companies are to join the agreement in the near future.

Also BRE Ubezpieczenia TU and Concordia Polska TUW declared that they wish to join the agreement.

The execution of the agreement will considerably help the drivers. The client who is not the perpetrator of the accident and who voluntarily covers the loss within the scope of his or her own comprehensive motor insurance (Polish autocasco) will be sure that the procedure of quoting the loss and paying the compensation will be considerably reduced.

  • Thanks to the cooperation of the insurance companies of the Polish Insurance Association, an important agreement has been created. It is essential that this agreement will be concluded between companies which constitute almost the entire market of the third-party insurance. Such agreement provides a great comfort to the Polish drivers – says Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński, the president of the Polish Insurance Association.