More than 1.85 million Poles benefit from additional health insurance

Data for the entire 2016 demonstrate that the number of persons holding additional health insurance has increased by almost 30% as compared to the previous year, reaching 1.86 million of those insured. Data of the Polish Insurance Association demonstrate that the gross premium written amounted to PLN 547.2 million – an increase by more than 13%.

Group insurance, usually purchased by employers or the employees themselves, continues to represent the largest part of the additional health insurance market, with more than 1.47 million people covered. Nonetheless, it is the group of individual insurance that noted the largest increase, of as much as 42% year on year.
“The growing popularity of this type of insurance makes it no longer the domain of large corporations only. An increasing number of small and medium enterprises and public administration bodies decide to provide additional protection to their employees,” explains Dorota M. Fal, health insurance specialist and adviser to the Management Board of the Polish Insurance Association for health insurance. “Such policies supplement the public healthcare system and come as a response to its shortcomings, namely poor access to consultants and certain hospital procedures, in particular surgical ones. Health insurance offered by the employer is a very popular bonus which not only increases the attractiveness of a given company, but also brings it tangible benefits in the form of reduced absenteeism and presenteeism of employees,” she adds.

Individual insurance Group insurance
2015 2016 2015 2016
Number of insured (thousand) 272 386.1 1,164.7 1,475.3
Gross premium written (PLN million) 74.7 82.7 408.8 464.5